Digital asset transformation
starts here.


We use the Lean Startup Process & Business Model Canvas frameworks for our “Sprouts” with in-house and scalable R&D resources.


Late-stage digital asset? A single idea can take it back to early-stage and initiate another Boom in your target KPIs.


From emerging technologies to legacy underutilized digital properties - we’ll turn them into true assets.


Results-driven expertise only; if you want an action plan that you can implement to drive change now, that's our specialty.

Taking it full flight

We are a fast-growing digital equity development firm, known for keen foresight, investment, and results.

We build and invest in high-value digital market verticals across the following asset classes: websites, mobile apps, crypto/blockchain, software, and domains.

Non-digital asset classes are of secondary priority but also available for funding in R&D and product launch stages.